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Companies with above-average gender and racial/ethnic diversity in leadership roles are eight times more likely to be in the top 10% of organizations for financial performance. Create change through belonging, culture and agency to drive the strategic success of the organization.

Select all 3 for $325 to earn a digital Certificate of Completion, or pay just $125/workshop for the workshops of your choice. Minimum of 8 participants required per training. CONTACT US to schedule your training today!

Diversity, equity & inclusion Workshops

Virtual length is typically 90 minutes. Length may vary based on client need.

Creating Environments of Belonging: Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion

Trainer: Mwanaisha A. Sims

This 90-minute training will provide the following:

  • Define what workplace diversity & inclusion means.

  • Discuss the value a more diverse & inclusive workplace can offer an organization.

  • Provide examples of characteristics, backgrounds, experiences & perspectives can increase an organization’s success.

  • Discuss the importance that a sense of belonging offers all employees & especially those with characteristics outside the mainstream.

  • Explain the stereotypes & biases that one brings into the workplace.

  • How to address micro-inequities with colleagues in a respectful & impactful way.

Make it the Culture: Leading by Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Trainer: Mwanaisha A. Sims

This 90-minute training will provide the following:

  • Learn how to lead and create an inclusive work culture.

  • Self-reflect on their own sense of identity and biases.

  • Understand how to develop an inclusive mindset as a leader.

  • Learn the importance of collaboration and why diversity is an asset.

  • Understand how to build environments that foster inclusion and eliminate micro-inequities.

  • Learn how to focus on the people in their organization by reviewing existing policies and procedures to make them more inclusive.

This workshop is designed for people who want to learn to lead with an equity and inclusive mind-set; however, participants do not need to be in a leadership role to lead with equity and inclusion. Organizations benefit from having equitable leadership at every level in the organization.

The Game Changer: Building Agency through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Trainer: Mwanaisha A. Sims

In this 90-minute training, participants will:

  • Why Agency matters – Building agency within your organization creates the power to influence change and help employees think creatively leading to higher performance rates.

  • Reality Check: Understand where you are in the process of creating agency

  • Leveraging Mentoring, Sponsorship and Advocacy

  • Understanding true Allyship

  • Strategies for building agency within your organization at every level

  • Things to avoid: a case study

If Diversity is being invited to the party & Inclusion is being asked to dance, then Agency is being able to create the music that moves you and others into action.

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Mwanaisha A. Sims, J.D./M.PA

Mwanaisha is the Director of Policy, Training and Compliance for the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD). She oversees compliance with Federal and State laws including District policies and procedures and leads the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (EEOC), where she implemented several programs and professional development opportunities to increase awareness of social justice, equity and diversity. Prior to joining SMCCCD, Mwanaisha worked for the Office of Institutional Equity at Michigan State University and was instrumental in helping build an office that promotes an inclusive and equitable campus for all. She has also served as an Assistant Prosecutor for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit, Michigan, and as a staff attorney with the Third Circuit Court General Counsel Office in Detroit, Michigan where she represented the Judges of the Third Circuit Court and drafted legal opinions and memorandums of law.

Mwanaisha is the former Chair of the Racial Justice and Diversity Committee of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section where she conducts Implicit Bias Trainings for public offices nation-wide. She was selected to attend the 9/11 Hearings in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to oversee that the process was fair and equitable, and has drafted resolutions for policing agencies dealing with diversity and inclusion. Mwanaisha A. Sims earned her Juris Doctor from Western Michigan Cooley Law School, her Master of Public Administration from Western Michigan and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan. Mwanaisha is licensed to practice law in Michigan and New York.

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