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All topics in the training menus below are available as live-online (synchronous) sessions with an expert trainer - customizable to your specific needs. Offerings may be mixed & matched based on your goals or need. We provide custom training, leadership programs, and white-label academies. We also design & deliver training on other topics. CONTACT US today to discuss your goals. Requests for in-person training will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Successful Hybrid Work Habits

  • Building Resiliency and Stamina

  • Effective Hybrid Communication

  • Time and Boundary Management

  • Managing Time & Maximizing Energy

  • Effective Presentation Skills

  • Who Does What? Clarifying Roles & Expectations

  • Write Concisely and Edit Ruthlessly

  • What Would You Do? Managing Common Workplace Problems

  • Managing Change & Expectations

  • Empowering & Delegating (Skills & Tools)

  • Facilitating Teamwork

  • Resiliency & Stamina Building for Leaders

  • Leading Successful Teams

  • How to Say Anything to Anyone: Managing Critical Conversations

  • Leading Effective Meetings

  • Know and Grow Your Team

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • A 60-Minute Crash Course in Giving Feedback

  • Effective Leadership Communication

  • Fostering Engagement & Contribution

  • The Hidden Power of Introverts in the Workplace

  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making

  • New Supervisors: Common Challenges & Strategies for Success

  • Setting Expectations for Success

  • Project Management

  • Leading by Example

  • Advanced Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Creating Learning & Environments of Belonging: Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Make it the Culture: Leading by Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • The Game Changer: Fostering Agency through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Business Writing for Professionals

  • Writing Effective Email

  • Writing Effective Reports & Proposals

  • Grammar for Grownups

  • Performance Appraisal for Non-Supervisory Employees

  • Performance Appraisal for Supervisors

  • Teams - Meetings/Chat/Calls

  • Teams - Collaboration Solutions

  • Microsoft 365

  • Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm: Inbox Zero and Workflow Prioritization

  • Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm: Streamline Your Processes

  • Manage Your Projects

  • What To Do? Using Microsoft To Do

  • Excel Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

  • How to Master Microsoft Word

  • Unleash the Secret Powers of PowerPoint

  • Excel - Turning Data Into Results

  • Understanding OneDrive Cloud Storage

All workshops are held in Zoom. New to Zoom? View these Zoom for Beginners videos.

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